Designs By Vatche

Your Love Has Just Gone Platinum

Established in 1988, Designs By Vatche has set the standard in quality for the most exquisitely crafted classic bridal jewelry designs. Our state of the art manufacturing facility located in midtown Manhattan combines the knowledge of age old jewelry manufacturing techniques combined and in conjunction with the latest technological advances available presently in jewelry manufacturing. We utilize top of the line equipment in laser welding, 3D computer modeling, and state of the art digital imaging to create each and every piece we manufacture. Technology is a wonderful tool, but old world craftsmanship will also be evident as each and every piece is hand assembled and finished with great care to ensure a lifetime or more of ownership. Starting with our hand picked staff of jewelers, who have been personally trained by Vatche himself, you can be assured that quality, not quantity is the top priority of every piece that we manufacture . Once your product is finished, it is inspected and microscopically examined by our quality control department for every detail before shipping. If you have an inquiry about the Designs by Vatche product line our professional and knowledgeable sales staff are available to assist you with any questions you may have. A Designs by Vatche ring is sure to be symbol of love and longevity as it is passed on from generation to generation. Thank you for choosing Designs by Vatche.