About The Designer

Vatche has always had an overwhelming passion for design since the early age of 14 as he was captivated by a master jeweler working his unique and timeless skills combining fire and precious metals.  This particular time unbeknownst to Vatche would soon become his life's work.

Shortly thereafter, he had taken an apprenticeship to that very same master jeweler as he began learning every technique in jewelry fabrication; from the cutting of rough diamonds, the forming of precious metals into unique works of art and exquisite finishing which has become the Vatche namesake.

By the age of 18 he had already attained years of experience in the fine art of jewelry manufacturing and design as he was then hired by one of the world's most prestigious jewelry manufacturers where he dedicated the next 2 years of his life perfecting his designing skills.

By 1988 Vatche established the Eclipse Jewelry Corporation, which was created with visions that reflected his passions and philosophies of how jewelry should be manufactured as timeless classics to be adored from generation to generation.

Today, Vatche has become a much respected designer in the jewelry industry. His entire staff of jewelers are personally interviewed and trained by Vatche himself to assure his customers the very finest product attainable in the jewelry which has become known as the “Vatche” standard.

Whether he is designing a one of a kind masterpiece or creating a new addition to his already expansive collection, you can find the heart and soul of Vatche’s passion in every piece of jewelry he manufactures.